String Colors @ Inglenook

We had a full audience.  They even had to bring in more chairs to accommodate all the folks.  At first when we started, Kat McCusker (our conductor) asked them if anyone knew how to whistle (because we were playing “Whistle A Happy Tune”).  No one responded and there were just blank stares.  We played the tune and everyone started to relax and enjoy the music.

A few songs later, after Kat cracked some more jokes, Kat asked a lady in the first row to play the claves.  Kat showed her how to beat them to a bossa nova beat.  She said she was worried she wouldn’t do a good job.  We started playing and she quietly hit the sticks to the beat.  Soon she was really into it and started to hold the sticks up in the air so everyone could see them.  At the end of the piece, Kat asked her to take a bow.  The audience was really into it by now and clapped enthusiastically.  She stood up and took a bow, even raising up her arms and smiling.

The rest of the performance was enjoyed by all and smiles abounded.  It was a pleasure to play for these folks and I hope we can do so again soon!

Submitted by Lois Salmon