Rehearsals started Saturday, August 27th, 1:30-3:30, in the music room, 1st Presbyterian Church of Brighton, 510 S. 27th Av.
Rehearsal, Saturday, October 1, will be from 10 am to 12 am with Louis Jendras conducting (with scores this time!)
Kat is improving, but still may be weak on Saturday and will come if she is able.

Louis needs to continue his flight instruction work, and it is most convenient if we can have the rehearsal in the morning.  Please e-mail Rebecca Schuyler if this is not possible for you.

Megan Spaulding will also be helping with rehearsal, with a view to becoming the new assistant director.  She is a middle school music educator in Fort Lupton and has a degree in Music Education from CCU.  She plays primarily French Horn and flute.  She sang in the Brightonmusic choir.

If anyone knows someone else interested in the position, please contact a board member,

Here is the corrected link for all the audio files of our Stage & Screen concert pieces:



Hi everybody,

Just writing to say what a great job everyone did yesterday! You may have noticed I was quite nervous how it would go (were we prepared? would there be an audience? would they sing? [would the mics work???]), and everything really went exceptionally well.

Thank you for all the time, dedication and effort you all put into it! 

Looking forward to Stage & Screen.